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Helicopter rig

The Fox helicopter rig - Part 1 | Part 2
Ken Townley
Fox Pro-Consultants team

There are two ways of attaching a lead to the end of the lead core. If you have used the Fox Combi Lead System you will know just how versatile it is. Each lead (of which there are three different patterns) has its own purpose designed interior system which means the leads can be converted to in line or pendulum as your needs dictate. Here you can see the specific converter attached to the swivel at the end of the 45lb Fox Lead Core Leader.

Helicopter Rig

Now it is simply a matter of positioning the correctly sized lead on the lead core. You can see the slit in the lead which allows you to slip the lead core into the centre of the lead.Finally position the lead so that it is correctly seated on the converter. You will note that the swivel on the wire loop on the converter is trapped in place by the narrow bore of the lead.

If you want to change the shape or size of the lead, all you need do is reverse the process. Notch the crook of a stringer needle in the little wire loop in the end of the converter then slide the lead up the lead core so that it can be removed via the slit in the lead. Attach the relevant converter and attach the correct lead.

Helicopter Bead

When the Helicopter Bead is slid down to the lead, the set up will look like this. Here you can see how the Helicopter Bead sits snugly against the swivel, the upper part of the swivel being held lightly by the rubber sleeve. You may also be able to see that I have replaced the specially designed Helicopter Swivels with one of Fox's Flexi Swivel Rings. The reason I prefer these ringed swivels is that they give better flexibility and mobility and allow the hooklink to spin around the internal spigot in the Bead in flight. Please Note: I have placed the ring part of the swivel on the spigot, not the swivel eye itself.

You can attach the lead via the Speed Link if you wish. All you need do is splice a Speed Link to the lead core. Here you can see the splicing needle threaded through the end of 35lb Green Fox Lead Core with some of the lead core removed. The Speed Link is placed on the free end of the braid outer.

The tag is then picked up in the lip of the splicing needle and drawn through the centre of the braid to emerge as shown. Trim away the spare and smooth out the braid. The Speed Link is now neatly spliced into the end of your lead core. Thread the Helicopter Bead onto your main line and join the lead core to main line with the knot described above.

The required lead can be clipped to the Speed Link and the Helicopter Bead positioned so that the rubber sleeve grips both the Speed Link and the swivel in the end of the lead.

If you can't afford Flexi Swivels Rings you can substitute a split ring like the one shown in the photo. This can then be clipped to the large bore Helicopter Swivel to give the ultimate in mobility. Attach the hooklink of your choice and you're ready to go!

Helicopter Swivel
Ken Townley
Fox Pro-Consultants team
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