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Marker Rod

Marker Rod - How to Use a Marker Rod
Ken Townley
Fox Pro-Consultants team

Many anglers are turning to braid these days especially on their marker rod and with very good reason. Braid is remarkably sensitive and you can feel every little bump and pull at the business end.The difference in 'feel' between nylon and braid is something you have to experience for yourself before you can possibly get any idea of exactly how sensitive braid is compared to nylon.

To set up a market float ,first take a heavy lead of at lest four ounces in weight(always assuming your rod will cope with this amount-obviously you will have to match the weight of the lead to the power of your rod,but if you can get away with a heavy weight so much the better).

Tie the lead to heavy,stiff nylon such as 20lb Amnesia or 24lb Fox Illusion.Now cut off 8-12 inches of nylon and attach the other end to a Fox Run Ring.Take the rod, run the braid up through the rings,then thread the free end of braid through the Run Ring before slipping a Run Bead onto the line.This will act to buffer the knot when casting.Finally attach the marker float by knotting the braid to the swivel or wire eye at the bottom of the float.The finished set up will look something like this.
Marker Rod

It is a very good idea to set aside a day when you would normally go fishing but this time leave the rods at home.Just take your plumbing rod and take all day making a detailed map of the lake bed using your market rod and float.If possible you want to cast at least a dozen times in each swim until you can build up a picture of the lake bed.It is also a good idea to transfer your findings onto a piece of graph paper to make a permanent record.A good trick is to use your fingers to pull the line in.

Cast out but don't let the marker float rise to the surface.Tighten up to the lead then tuck the rod butt under your arm, point the rod tip at the lead, then hand line the lead across the bottom drawing the line over the tip of your right hand index finger with the finger and thumb of your left hand (assuming you are right handed,of course and that the rod is tucked under your right arm pit).You will be astonished at what you can feel through your finger tips and with the added sensitivity of the braid you should be able to find plenty of features.

Once you have pulled in several yards you will find that a bow of line hangs down between the reel and your fingers. Take this up from time to time to prevent too much line from lying on the ground where it could become snagged or pick up grit and twigs.

As you are pulling the line in you will be able to feel the lead as it trundles over the bottom thanks to the amazing sensitivity of the braid.If you feel something interesting transmit itself up the line to your fingers allow the float to rise to the surface and make a note of its position.Mark the spot on your map and you will be able to recast to it time and time again.You should be able to feel when silt turns to gravel or when you hit a gravel bar.You will be able to identify weed beds and stones bars and boulders all due to the 'feel' transmitted by the braid.
Marker Float
Ken Townley
Fox Pro-Consultants team
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