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There are absolutely loads of leads on the market today.So we will only cover the main types.

The golden rule with leads is to make sure it blendes in with the lakes bottom colour.This is because if you can see it easily then so can then carp !

Flat Pear

Sits on the bed with a flat profile. Although a gripper is better when fishing steep ridges the pear is a great all round lead.

Pear Lead

Gripper Lead

The Grippa also has a hole through the centre, which aids the small protrusions around both sides. This is for increasing the
resistance by helping the lead to grip the bottom.

Gripper Lead

This means you can use smaller leads than usual; for instance a 2oz Grippa has the same resistance as a 3oz Flat Pear.This shape has found particular favour with carp river anglers both home and abroad; it is the only shape that we manufacture over 5ozs, with 6, 8 and now 10oz models within the range to cover carping on the Seine.

Distance Lead

Design for distance and a firm favourite with many carp anglers. Aerodynamic to offer smooth casting

Korda distance lead

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