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TB Rig

TB Rig for carp fishing

The TB Rig is a carp rig to us when using Pop Up baits. It gives total 360 degree movement but as different properties than the 360 rig.

The weight of the swivel is designed to hold it down to the bottom but do check it in the edge before you cast out and check that it is sitting right and if you need to ad a bit of Tungsten Putty then do so.

TB Rig for carp fishing rigs

Main Components are - Rig n Ring Stop | Rig Ring | Size 6 hook | 18lb illusion line | Tungsten Bead | Flexi Ring Swivel Size 11 | 18lb Illusion Line

image from the great DVD Fox essential guide to carp rig a must buy if your starting out just click here


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