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360 Rig Carp Rig

360 carp fishing rig

This is a great rig and is getting more and more popular within the carping circuit.

Now by looking at the 360 rig picture you my be put off by making this carp rig but its is a easy one to make trust me if I can do it anyone can.

Its been designed to make it hard for the carp to eject the bait by moving in three different ways - The hook can move up and downwards - The hook can rotate 360 degrees - The bait if blown back it can slide keeping the hook in the carps mouth . Clever isn't it !

The swivel acts as the weight but as usual check in the margins first that the rig sits correctly.If you need to trim a bit of the pop up off then do so to get it just right as adding putty can effect the 360 rigs performance.

This rig is only to be used with pop up baits only .

360 carp fishing rig

Main Components - Rig N Ring Stops | Size 6 Hook | Flexi Ring Swivel Size 11 | 25lb Corotex

image from the great DVD Fox essential guide to carp rig a must buy if your starting out just click here


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