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One of the best fish to catch is a carp .Whether you are a beginner or a expert on carp fishing you will find a wealth of information just a few click away .This is a completely free site so feel free to add your carp fishing sites to are ever growing database . Carp fishing .org it continually growing so remember to bookmark us as you one stop fishing resource centre.

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Within these pages we hope to give you some ideas on how and where you can catch carp.

Carp have been spread widely first by the Monks for food in the 15th century within Europe. They are now present in many countries outside of their natural range, and now are one of the prized top fish for anglers to catch.


Carp are one of the most fishing popular species in Europe over the last 20 years and has grown into billion dollar industry within the fishing tackle market. In the United States and other parts of the world Carp are considered a trash fish to be killed. From a fishing point of view they are fun to catch due to their ability to grow to large sizes. It is not unknown for Anglers to spend 20 or 30 minutes trying to land this species on rod and line.

An egg-layer, a typical adult fish can lay 300,000 eggs in a single spawning . Research shows Carp can spawn multiple times in a season in some areas.


 Carp Rigs
Helicopter Carp Rig Helicopter Rig
Hinged stiff Carp Rig
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Illusion Knotless Rig  Carp Rig Illusion Knotless Rig
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Rig Shrink Tubing Rig Shrink Tubing
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